Adventure Camping

With matching accommodation standards, Africa offers a diverse range of vacation experiences. As safari specialists, we design an itinerary based on your individual preferences, tastes, and interests.

The best hotels, safari camps, and villas in Africa are known to us because we have personally tested them. When you book a safari with us, you’ll receive independent, expert advice.

Are you ready to be inspired? Check out our favorite safari accommodations below

Adventure Camping

Our Adventure Camping Safaris allow you to immerse yourself in the Tanzanian wilderness while camping at a designated campsite inside the park surrounded by stunning scenery and wildlife.

As you are right in the middle of the action, the safari experience is all the more intense. You will feel at one with nature when you sleep in a tent under a starry moonlit sky, eat a hearty meal cooked by your own personal chef and listen to the nocturnal sounds of wildlife all around as you sit peacefully around the campfire at night. On your camping safari, you can experience these adventures and more.

Camping safaris are perfect for nature lovers, budget travelers, and those seeking a break from civilization and its comforts. By camping, you can experience Tanzania’s nature, animals, and cultures in their raw simplicity and pure adventure.



Tented Camps

Tented Camp Safaris are ideal for travelers who want to experience Tanzania’s wilderness but still want comfort and ease. Camp structures are simpler than those of hotels and lodges, but they still provide maximum comfort.

Canvas walls zip out from the guest accommodations, but that’s the only similarity to an ordinary tent. They have wooden floors, furniture, verandas, incredibly comfortable beds, and excellent restroom facilities.

Tented camps are semi-permanent or permanent. In contrast, permanent camps remain in the same place year-round, while semi-permanent camps move according to the season for the best wildlife viewing. Tented camps have an authentic African, wilderness appeal. You can enjoy the comforts of your home while being close to nature.

Tented camps range from budget to high-end luxury, depending on your budget.




Our lodges are located on a permanent site and designed to offer maximum comfort and luxury. As well as giving you a safari and wildlife experience, these permanent structures provide amenities such as swimming pools and à la carte dining, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.

You’ll feel like the king of Africa for a while! Many hotels take luxury in the bush to a whole new level, with hot tubs and massages waiting when you return from a game drive. The lodges cater to clients of all budgets and levels of luxury. Lodges are a good choice if you want a wilderness experience with the familiarity and comfort of a hotel.




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