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Africa Travel Company for best places in East Africa is found at our  Africa Travel Company. Africa Travel Company specializes in climbing, wildlife safaris, beach holidays, and cultural tours.

Africa Travel Company

Karibu (Welcome), we specialize in mountain climbing, wildlife safaris, beach holidays, cultural tourism, and natural wonders in Africa. Whether you are planning a safari or a walk under waterfalls, we can help plan your adventures in Africa. We will meet you at the airport to start your adventure when you arrive.

Safaris in Tanzania with Focus East Africa Tours. Safaris in Tanzania are luxurious

A Tanzanian-American travel agency founded in 2008 by passionate travelers. Our office is located in Arusha / Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

We are a full-service tour operator with offices in Kilimanjaro and Arusha, Tanzania.

Featuring the best range of EAST AFRICA TOURS & Safari Packages for your travel style. Traveling overland to Tanzania.

East African Safari & Touring Company operates safaris here in Tanzania.

Choose from a range of East Africa tours, from safaris to beach getaways, and get expert advice on tailor-making your dream trip.

We have tours and safaris for every type of traveler and specialize in tours and safaris in Africa.

East Africa is considered one of the last true wilderness regions of Africa. Tanzania and Kenya are both parts of the Great Migration

Africa Travel Company

Customer service that is comprehensive

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have throughout your East African experience with us.

Professional and safe

Trekking & Wilderness cares about your safety and is committed to providing outstanding customer service.

Experience that can be customized

  • We will assist you in creating your dream Africa adventure. You don’t see one that works for you? Get in touch with us and we will create it just for you.

We are committed to excellence:

  • We use the best equipment on treks and on safaris and focus on consuming high-quality foods for healthy nutrition.
  • To ensure high standards are maintained, service is constantly evaluated.

The best adventure tours

Growing up in Kilimanjaro Tanzania and visiting our beautiful continent, especially East Africa. There are so many things to do in the world, from summiting Kilimanjaro to watching Serengeti migrations. In addition to meeting fantastic people around the world, I also enjoy helping to make your trip to Africa a dream come true.

In this wonderful country, I hope that you will let us be your tour guide.

East Africa offers a wide range of tailor-made tours to the most exciting destinations. A flexible itinerary and accommodations give you a great deal of control over your trip.

You Can Create Any Itinerary You Want

Specialists include:

  • Each of our guides and crew members of our East Africa travel company has climbed every mountain, walked every route, and is familiar with every national park in East Africa, as well as every beach and coast in East Africa.


  • You can design your own perfect mountain climb, taking into account the dates and the location of your choice, of course. No matter what extras you need, there are no compromises.
  • Our safaris can be adjusted based on the number of days, locations, and accommodations.

Fantastic mixture packages:

  • Your climbs can be combined with a safari, tribal tour, or a beach vacation on a spice island.
    Integrating itineraries to create the best packages for our clients is our specialty.

In terms of flexibility:

  • Should you be unable to keep your plans, we can reschedule your excursion at no additional charge (*except in cases where third parties may charge you a deposit for past cancellations).

Africa Travel Company is one of the BEST established Overland tour companies in Africa and is completely African based.

Africa Travel Company is among the most established Overland Tour Companies in Africa. We operate a fleet of safari vehicles in ten Eastern and Southern African countries, and every year introduce new and innovative itineraries. Our African adventure tours will take you through Africa’s ever-changing landscape.

Dreaming of a safari vacation? African Travel, Inc. is one of the best travel companies in Tanzania for planning tours and travel.

The world’s largest company specializing in tailor-made safaris. We help you find a more authentic, exciting, and affordable safari.


Book online African travel and tour services with African Travel Tour for an unforgettable journey of trekking, hiking, and safaris in Africa.


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