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East Africa Travel Company is tour company that focuses on hiking, Wildlife safaris, Beach Holidays, and Cultural tourism. East Africa Travel Company we’ll assist with planning your adventures; whether you travel in a safari or walk under waterfalls. Upon your arrival, we’ll greet you right at the airport to start out your adventure.East Africa Travel Company


East Africa Travel Company on hiking Kilimanjaro the very best Mount and is found in Kilimanjaro Tanzania. It’s three volcanic cones: Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira.

It is absolutely the best mountain in Africa and thus the absolute best single freestanding mountain in the world: 5,895 meters above water level and about 4,900 meters above its plateau base.

Here we are to introduce you to the ‘real Africa’ with Quality Safaris and Kilimanjaro Treks. a singular blend of world nature; from the very best point in Africa – “Mt Kilimanjaro” through the wildlife plains and rest on rock bottom beaches of Zanzibar. What an exciting experience!

You dream, we realize it! We’ll assist you to plan your adventure safari to Africa, greet you at your arrival and our Tour-guides will assist you the way through.


Whether you’re climbing to the roof of Africa – Kilimanjaro, Touring the Wildlife plains – Serengeti, Arusha, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Natron, and Lake Manyara National Parks in the North of Tanzania; or Ruaha, Mikumi, and Selous National Parks on the East and central a part of Tanzania.

You can prefer to dive within the Indian Ocean on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar or visit the Serengeti plains – to ascertain the most important wildlife concentration within the world and the famous annual wildlife migration on a hot air balloon, we are here to assist you!

Tree Climbing lions!! Yeah, only at lake Manyara within the Great Valley in Tanzania.

The world’s largest unbroken caldera – the Ngorongoro crater is within the Ngorongoro park.

Come! See! Enjoy!!!!!


How much does a trip to the East Africa coast?

A safari in Africa can cost anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person per night. An average safari costs $150 per night, $350 for a midrange safari, and $750 for a luxury safari. An extreme top safari can easily cost $1,500 or more per night.

How can I travel to East Africa?

Public transportation is a good (and often the only) option for getting around East Africa, but be careful when using local buses and minibusses.

  1. Never accept food or drink from fellow passengers, even if it appears to be sealed.
  2. Avoid travel at night, especially on long-distance routes such as Nairobi Kampala.

What is a tour and travel agency?

The product that a tour operator sells is one that they have created themselves. They do not sell other people’s packages, only their own. … The Travel Agent offers the consumer a choice of holiday packages that have been compiled by a tour operator

How much is an East African visa?

It costs $100 to obtain an East African tourist visa and can be paid online with MasterCard, Visa, or any other credit card. Visa fees are not refundable. If you apply online for the East African visa, it will generally take between a day and a full week for it to be processed.

How long does it take to get an East Africa visa?

East African Tourist Visa applications are approved in six business days or less. Many applicants find that their applications are approved within 24 hours.

Is it safe to travel to East Africa?

South Sudan and Burundi, which are currently under travel advisories due to ongoing conflicts, are the only countries in East Africa with travel advisories.  (The Institute for Economics and Peace considers Tanzania safer than the United States.)



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