Giving Back to the Community

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Giving Back to the Community is our mission at East Africa Travel Company has always been to promote community development and contribute to the improvement of health, education, career development, and advocate for the conservation of our precious natural resources. Supporting community development initiatives in Tanzania as well.

Giving Back to the Community

Treasures of Africa Orphanage, Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation in Moshi, and wildlife veterinary and rehabilitation center Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W, Serengeti De-Snaring Project of the Frankfurt Zoological Society are among them.


Improve school facilities and provide much-needed resources, such as book and uniform donations,  resurfacing of the football field, and current plans to expand overcrowded classrooms. Providing a bright future for these students through education is vital to their development and success.


East Africa Travel Company organizes medical assessments in Tanzanian villages through its extensive network and contacts.  As a result, hundreds of patients can now receive much-needed surgery and be provided with continuous medical care.

As malaria mortality rates are especially high in rural Tanzania, mosquito nets are crucial in reducing infections, and we are proud to sponsor and participate in a net distribution program as well.


East Africa Travel Company believes that care for the planet, wildlife, and natural resources is a personal and communal responsibility, as well as vital to the sustainability of the tourism sector.

Deforestation has had devastating effects on the local wildlife and habitats in Northern Tanzania, just as it has elsewhere in the world. In collaboration with Green Tanzania, we support carbon credit programs and reforestation efforts. Our efforts are focused on educating tourists on the importance of sustainability, and establishing a positive legacy in the local communities.

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