H O W • D O • Y O U • S T R E T C H • Y O U R • S O U L ? Sunburned lips Lun…

H O W • D O • Y O U • S T R E T C H • Y O U R • S O U L ?

✅ Sunburned lips
✅ Lungs full of dust
✅ Shredded knees
✅ Windburned face
✅ Muddy boots
✅ Blistered feet
❤️ Heart Full

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro mentally and physically broke me.

Abdul told us that when we got to the summit we would probably spend about 20 minutes there because “most people feel sick, some cry, then you go back down.”

I summed it up to “climb to the top, get sick, cry, go back down.”

I did everything.

I doubled over at the Uhuru Peak sign and started crying when we finally got there after 8 hours of climbing in the freezing cold, wind and dark. I couldn’t feel anything below my waist, I hadn’t for hours, my nose was raw and I was gasping for air.

I wouldn’t have survived without Jonas, God love and Mahmoud, our summit team, who literally undressed and redressed me on the mountain at one point to get my layering right so I didn’t freeze to death since my fingers weren’t working.

When we got to the summit I had a little bottle of Tanzanian Brandy that I had carried up with me and we all took turns toasting “maisha marefu!” from the cap before pouring one out underneath the base of the summit sign in gratitude.

This has been an amazing ended to a life-changing trip. Thank you Africa, for teaching me and giving me these new experiences.


“Beautiful girl, you can do incredible things.”

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