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African Safari Lake Manyara 3 Days | East Africa Travel Company

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African Safari Lake Manyara

African Safari Lake Manyara is the northern circuit that takes in Lake Manyara, Tarangire, the Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Crater.

 Safari in Tanzania you’ll visit Lake Manyara national park documented for its tree-climbing lions, Safari in Tanzania the sodium carbonate lake, and its flamingos.

African Safari Lake Manyara is located 126 km (78 mi) southwest of Arusha and may be reached by car in an hour and a half.

The park also can be reached from Babati the capital of the Manyara Region. Lake Manyara Airport is nearby.

To the south, situated on the escarpment above the park, is the 35,399-ha Marang Forest Reserve.

To the east is the Kwa Kuchinja Wildlife Migration corridor, which allows wildlife to migrate between the nearby Tarangire Park to the southeast, Lake Manyara to the west, and therefore the Engaruka Basin to the north.

Within the Kwa, Kuchinja corridor in several villages.

beyond the lake and out of doors of village land is the 45,000-acre Manyara Ranch, a former livestock ranch, managed by the Tanzania Land Conservation.

Trust since 2001 and a crucial part of the corridor allowing wildlife movement between Tarangire and Lake Manyara national parks.

Tour Lake Manyara Park is a component of the Lake Manyara Biosphere Reserve.

Lake Manyara, including the areas within and out of doors the park, alongside the Marang Forest Reserve on the adjacent uplands, included within the Lake Manyara Important Bird Area.

African Safari Lake Manyara – Fauna, and flora

The flora of African Safari Lake Manyara National Park is diverse, with over 670 angiosperm and fern species documented. Most are widespread species; there are few rare or endemic species.
The park features a sort of diverse habitat. Rivers flowing off the escarpment and perennial springs below the rift wall support tall, evergreen groundwater forests dominated by Trichilia Roka with Broad-Leaved Croton, sycamore (Ficus sycomorus), quinine tree, and forest toad tree.
Trees are densest in gorges, along the sting of streams, and in areas where springs emerge. Growing at the sting of the groundwater forest are dense stands of yellow jack trees (Acacia xanthophloea) and therefore the palm.
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Destination Manyara; Maasai; Snack park
Arrival Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)
Departure Time Yes Require
  • Specialized Tour Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance Fees
  • Box Lunch, Water, Dinner and Snacks
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Tickets
Travel With Bus


We will pick you up from Kilimanjaro International Airport at Hotel in Arusha at Green Mountain Hotel East Africa Safari
You will drive towards the Lake Manyara national park with a picnic lunch. afternoon Game Drive of Lake Manyara national park. 
After the game drive, we will drive back to the Arusha hotel.
Pick up from the hotel and do the Snack park and Maasai Culture then transfer to the airport. SNACK PARK + MAASAI CULTURE ABOUT MESERANI SNAKE PARK A special treasure of Arusha, a wonderful source of enjoyment and relaxation for locals and foreign visitors. The snake park is located 25km west of Arusha on the route to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. The snake park provides various activities, take a guided tour and learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, from the Black and Green Mamba to the Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adders, and many more. Capture your special moment and hold a real live snake. Check out the 3m plus crocodiles at feeding time and touch a baby crocodile. You can also enjoy your personal Maasai guide who will take you on a spectacular tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum. Visit the Free Education Centre, where the local Maasai have the opportunity to learn how to read and write and further their education in many different ways. Then we will have lunch and spend time in Arusha, drop off at Airport

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