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Ultimate Kilimanjaro is by far the best company to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. The guides and porters are amazing and extremely personable.

Ultimate Kilimanjaro

Ultimate Kilimanjaro we thank you for visiting East Africa Travel Company® – The #1 Guide Service on Mount Kilimanjaro. Our Kilimanjaro hikes have been providing the highest quality at a reasonable cost for over ten years. Expert guides, quality standards, and a safety focus have made us the top choice for thousands of happy customers throughout the world.

We are one of the largest and most experienced operators on Mount Kilimanjaro, leading over 100 climbs per year and guiding more than 500 people each year. We have worked with celebrities, filmmakers, senators, ambassadors, authors, and journalists. There is no better Kilimanjaro outfitter, all agree.

Ultimate Kilimanjaro

With Ultimate Kilimanjaro, you get high-quality service without the inflated price. We aim to create an itinerary based on your needs, abilities, and desires. With our help, you’ll be able to plan every aspect of your climb, providing everything you need for a successful summit and a memorable experience. Will you join us on the Roof of Africa?

  1. Expertise proven. Mount Kilimanjaro has been the subject of Ultimate Kilimanjaro’s expertise for more than a decade. More than 500 adventurers climb with us every year, and we lead over 100 climbs every year. Thousands of climbers have climbed Kilimanjaro with us. We have worked with celebrities, filmmakers, senators, ambassadors, authors, and journalists.
  2. The best guides. Each of our guides was hand-selected. We have the best local guides who have been trained in first aid and mountain rescue. Among the most talented and respected professionals in the field, they have unmatched experience and competence. They have led 1,000+ climbers to summits.
  3. Climbs for small parties. The best way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is in a small group. We do not believe in organizing large trekking parties, as it detracts from the experience. Our goal is to create the optimal conditions for a safe, successful climb. The small group size creates an intimate setting on the mountain but more importantly ensures that each climber will receive proper attention.
  4. Safety is the priority. It is our top priority to keep you safe, which is why we are focused on safety at Ultimate Kilimanjaro. We perform regular health checks on all climbers, and our guides are prepared to prevent, detect, and treat altitude sickness. We provide rescue oxygen on every climb and have emergency evacuation plans in place.
  5. Camping Gear of the highest quality. To keep climbers as comfortable as possible while outdoors, we only use high-quality camping equipment. Designed for the rigors of Kilimanjaro, Mountain Hardwear tents are warm, waterproof, and spacious. All clients are provided with thick foam sleeping pads. Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags rated at -30F/-30C are available for rent.
  6. Meals that are delicious. Food and drinks are provided on the mountain. Our chefs prepare delicious meals using fresh, local ingredients. Climbers’ meals are nutritious and calorie-dense, designed to provide energy. Climbers are provided with adequate amounts of clean water throughout the trek. We also provide for any special dietary requirements.
  7. The best routes. Kilimanjaro’s best routes are the focus of Ultimate Kilimanjaro. By having many routes to choose from, we avoid trails that are very crowded, less scenic, and have poor acclimatization profiles. Most of our routes combine scenic beauty, low foot traffic, and high success rates. Our clients have the best chance of reaching the summit and having a good time doing it this way.
  8. Climbing in groups and privately. We offer group climbs on our favorite routes for those traveling alone or wanting the company of others. The climbs avoid the rainy season, include acclimatization days, and are limited to only 12 climbers. We can also arrange private climbs on any route, for any group size, on any date.
  9. Welfare for Porters. The welfare of our porters is very important to us, and we do everything we can to ensure that they are treated well. We comply with all established guidelines for porter wages and welfare as a partner company of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). Porters are provided with proper food and shelter, and their loads are restricted to reasonable weights.
  10. Leave No Trace. Our organization is a member of Leave No Trace, an organization dedicated to enjoying the outdoors responsibly. We practice Leave No Trace ethics with our guides and porters so that everyone can enjoy a clean, litter-free environment on one of Africa’s most majestic landscapes.


Making the decision to climb Kilimanjaro is the most difficult part. We’ve all experienced it.

We can’t help you with your personal choice. Our job is to answer your questions and work with you to determine the itinerary that best suits you and your group.

In designing your itinerary, you should consider your age, fitness level, injuries, backpacking or hiking experience, experience at high altitudes, and any other special considerations.

Our clients come from all over the world, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you have the ultimate Kilimanjaro experience.

Contact us (info@eastafricatravelcompany.com) for more information!

Or visit the East Africa Travel Company.


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