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Materuni Waterfall on a clear day, you will have great views of Kibo, and Moshi is often seen.
Waterfall Waterfall to the bottom of the Waterfall is often demanding and hiking boots are recommended. Contact us
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Materuni Waterfall

Materuni waterfall is rich in culture and history, Most of the people in this village are Chagga farmers.
A Day Hike & Swimming At Materuni Waterfalls
This Very Impressive Waterfall Is One Of The Tallest In The Area,
It Crosses Valleys And Hills Covered By Tropical rainforests, Past Coffee, Banana, Avocado “Shambas”, and The Swahili Word For Farms.
Materuni is one of the few villages of wonder in Northern Tanzania sitting at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.
The village is blessed with full of all beauty worth visiting for holidays, weekend outings, or vacations.
While in the village, the scenic view of Moshi Town and Mount Kilimanjaro is astonishing.
This green village with fresh air from green vegetation welcomes visitors to explore the beauty of the land and the cultural heritage of the Chagga people.

Impressive Materuni Waterfall

This very impressive Waterfall is one of the tallest in the area, spewing crystal-clear glacier water 70m into its basin.
The beautiful path leading to Materuni Waterfall is located 2500m above sea level.
It crosses valleys and hills covered by tropical rainforest, past coffee, banana, and avocado “Shambas”, the Kiswahili word for farms.
Materuni Waterfall is a booming waterfall just 15 kilometers from Moshi Town.
When combined with a coffee tour in the village, it makes for a perfect day trip before or after your Mount Kilimanjaro climb.
With about eight kilometers of walking throughout the day and 300 meters of incline.
This adventure is a great warm-up for the legs while also getting to immerse yourself in the local culture.
The tour begins by observing the entire process of making a cup of coffee, from seed to mug.
After a locally produced lunch, you head off to explore the massive Materuni Waterfall.


On a clear day, great views of Kibo and Moshi town can be seen.
The hike to the base of the Waterfall can be demanding and hiking boots are recommended. As this trip is so close to Moshi town it is ideal for those people with limited time but who would still like to see some of the nature and beauty that this region of Tanzania has to offer.

A cultural experience such as banana beer brewed or coffee roasted the traditional way can be added to your hike.

Materuni waterfall